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Interested in getting started with home automation? Or beefing up an existing system?

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About us

Who We Are

Smart Home & Home Automation enthusiast in St. Charles Illinois 60175. Nerds... Tech, Automation, and programming nerds.

Beyond that we are Developers, Engineers, and Quality Assurance Managers.

What We Do

Our goal is to help people meet their home automation goals.

  • We install smart home devices and systems
  • We assist and consult on smart home and network WiFi setups and installations
  • We develop custom Web and Mobile Application platforms
  • We develop web services to allow for multiple and various clients connect to a single endpoint

Our Services


The heart of home automation. Install, replace, or beef up your home internet and WiFi.

Centralized Platform

You may want or require a centralized platform to view and interact with all your smart devices. The platform is accessible from all smart phones, tablets, and computers.




Amazon Echo

Home Automation

If This... Then That

The idea behind quality Home Automation is the one phrase, "If this then that". Setting up a single rules or a cascading list of rules all follow that simple equation.


  • If the garage is open, then close it.
  • If motion is detected in a room, then turn on the lights.

Take it a step further:

  • If the garage is open, its past 10pm, and no motion is detected, then close it.
  • If motion is detected in a room, the sun is down, and no one else is in the room, then turn on the lights.

Smart Devices

We work with all types of smart hardware. Some of the most popular are:

Smart Hubs

We install & setup pretty much any and all smart hubs.

Smart Lights

Smart Sensors

Smart Assistants

Smart Locks

Smart TVs

Smart Thermostats

Smart Smoke and CO Detector

Proximity & Location Detection

Smart Speakers


See some of the more commonly used smart products

Meet the team

We are currently a family run and operated business. While we maybe small we are dedicated and happy to give you all our attention.

Brandon Worby

Brandon Worby

Founder / CEO

Jessica Worby

Jessica Worby


Want to be able to say

It's Movie Time

Which turns on the TV, makes the living room lights dim to 10% and the theater lighting turn dark purple.

Good night

Which Turns off, or on, certain lights. Turns the TV off, the fan on, and activates the alarm.

It's Party Time!

Which turns on flashing lights, and starts playing music.